Independent Nutrition Consulting

These individuals provide independent equine nutrition services utilizing concepts developed by Dr. Kellon based on NRC guidelines and current research. On-site visits are usually limited to the immediate area but email and phone consults are available country-wide and globally.

Equine Nutritional Solutions
Eleanor Kellon, VMD

997 Texter Mountain Road
Robesonia, PA 19551
Private consults available for specialized assistance.  
Contact by email for further information.

Great Plains Equine Balance
Kathleen M. Gustafson
Kansas City, MO
Focus on the Midwest
Contact by email for information and fee schedule
Original member of the Balance Babes Team

Desert Equine Balance
"There are no magic bullets in equine nutrition."
Patti Woodbury Kuvik, BS, RN
Vail, Arizona
Equine Nutrition with a Southwest Edge
On-site consults available in Southern Arizona
A member of the original Balance Babes Team

Shotgun Equine Nutrition
Claire C. Cox, RN, BA
Shotgun Ranch - Arizona 
"One month of a balanced mineral diet & Jet is jet black. I can't believe the bleached out coat is totally gone."
Specializing in IR, PPID, EPSM and PSSM

New England Equine Balance
Nancy Collins
Balancing Equine Nutrition
in New England and the Northeast
Original member of the Balance Babes Team
Contact by email for further information

Balanced Equine Nutrition & Hoofcare
Carol Layton B.Sc, M.Ed
NSW, Australia

Optimized feeding plans for Australia and internationally.
NRC Plus advanced course graduate

Email: Balanced Equine

Just What Works Equine
Linda Secrist
Magnolia, Texas
Nutritional Solutions to Optimize Health and Performance
NRC Plus advanced course graduate
Contact by email for further information

Summit Equine Nutrition
Clair Thunes, PhD.
Independent Equine Nutritionist.
Taking the guesswork out of feeding your horse.
3053 Freeport Blvd. # 246,
Sacramento, CA 95818.

Forage Plus Intelligent Nutrition
Bespoke equine nutrition service like no other in the UK and Europe
Sarah Braithwaite
Godre’r Foel
Ffordd Glyndwr
CH7 4AU Nercwys
United Kingdom                                                                           
Phone: 07789 264215                                          

Many graduates of Dr. Kellon's NRC Plus courses in the US and around the world assist with hay balancing on an informal basis.  Some do not charge set fees; if no fee is requested a "donation" to acknowledge the time spent is suggested. See the Additional Balancing Resources page.

If you choose one of these Independent Nutritionists, please tell them you were referred by Patti Woodbury Kuvik's web site.  Thank you.