What Does It Cost?

posted Jan 7, 2011, 7:44 PM by Patricia Woodbury-Kuvik
Most of us have a general idea of what it costs to maintain our horses but if things get tight we may start to ignore details that can make a difference. 
Check out the Cost of Keeping a Horse downloadable workbook in Handy Calculators to find out if you have any room to create some savings.  
Is a more expensive hay or feed that requires feeding fewer pounds per day costing you more or less? Change the cost and size of the bale or bag and change how much you feed to find out.
Can you save by mixing your own supplement from scratch?  Is the time and effort worth it? Fine tune your supplement on the supplements tab, add in any extras and see what your true cost is.
Have fun checking this out - and let me know if you save any money!